About Certification

Dear Dr.,
Every HMO application, every hospital privileges application, every Physician Recruiter, every potential partner, every Program Director wants to know if you are Board Certified or not and your future rewards may be based on this standard. Awesome Review is a highly focused internal medicine board review course that helps you towards your goal of Board Certification and Recertification. It makes very complex concepts extremely simple with the help of stunning animations and memory enhancing techniques. As soon as a concept is simplified, board type questions in the interactive handouts, help you to lock your newly learned knowledge into long term memory. So when you review a topic again, the time for your gray cells to process the information is drastically reduced!. We are also happy to receive excellent feedback about how Awesome Review has helped Physicians in their board exams and in their daily practice. Take a look at our Video Testimonials. You get exclusive access to hundreds of animations and picture slides covering all subjects from WBC inclusions of Ehrlichia to EKGs, X-rays, Dermatology slides and so much more! These picture slides will have exam buzz words in them too. Check out the sample picture slides I have on Hematology (please wait a few seconds for it to open). See the HIV life cycle and how medications work. I would also be happy to do a guest lecture at your hospital. This review is conducted by Dr. Habeeb Rahman, MD Hoboken UMC, Hoboken, NJ.

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